2018 Law & Development Research Network PhD course

LDRN Law & Development Research Network PhD course 2018

Åbo Akademi University Finland organizes a PhD Course for the Law & Development Research Network.

It will take place in Åbo, Finland, from 11 till 15 June 2018.


The position and empowerment of vulnerable individuals, as well as issues related to equality and non-discrimination are central to many branches of the law and development research field. Such research addresses, for example, questions on whether and in which ways different human rights, social services and legal remedies are made, or should be made, accessible to all on an equal basis. Issues related to accountability, rethinking of societal structures and distribution of resources often form a part of such scholarly debates.

About the course

The 2018 LDRN PhD Course invites doctoral candidates from different legal (and related) disciplines to discuss the role of law in addressing vulnerability, inequality and discrimination in the north and in the south. The course aims to provide the participants with insights on some of the methodological, ethical and theoretical considerations relevant for this research field. Based on interactive methods of teaching, the curriculum consists of lectures, a methods clinic, group work sessions and paper workshops.

To apply

More information on the programme and course fees will be made available early 2018 at
https://blogs2.abo.fi/vulnerability/. Applications are due by 30 March 2018.